Game 3 Recap: Spurs 102 – Jazz 90

West First Round Game 3: (1) San Antonio Spurs at (8) Utah Jazz (Spurs Lead 2-0).

Pregame Notes: Jazz come home after getting embarrassed in Game 2, looking to get back in the series training 0-2. ESA gives the Jazz one of the stronger home court advantages in the league but the Spurs are a better team, balancing that advantage out somewhat. Still, I expect the Jazz to compete in this one instead of getting run out of their home court. I attended this one with my nephew but managed to keep pretty decent notes this time.

  • Tim Duncan scored 4 points and made two separate trips to the free throw line before the Jazz had their 1st possession. Fouled on opening possession, made the shot. Missed his free throw but got the rebound, drew another foul. Made both free throws.
  • Devin Harris is playing very aggressive tonight, finally.
  • (1st 6:52) 13-14. Jazz are actually in it, which is huge for them after the debacle that was Game 2. Harris has 7 points, Parker and Duncan have 6 apiece.
  • (2:29) 20-22. Spurs are getting home calls from the refs in our gym. Ridiculous. Fans are getting furious at the refs and it’s only the 1st quarter.
  • That 3 from Harris gave the Jazz their first lead, 23-22, since early in Game 1. They promptly lose it on the next possession.
  • (End 1st) 28-30. Jazz are playing far better but they’ve allowed the Spurs to shoot 60% while only shooting 45.5% themselves. UTA does have 3 steals and a blocked shot so far, which is nice.
  • With those 2 misses by Millsap the Jazz are now 7/14 from the free throw line. At home. In the playoffs. Already trailing 2-0.
  • (2nd 8:30) 33-35. That was a great block from Favors on Splitter, it got the crowd really fired up. Burks is shouldering the load on offense, which is probably necessary with this lineup of himself, Favors, Kanter, Carroll, and Tinsley.
  • (4:39) 39-40. Burks is playing very well in this game, aside from that turnover. Yikes. He passed it to Big Al, who passed it back. Burks tried to get it back to Big Al but instead threw it away.
  • (2:56) 43-42. Derrick. Favors. That is all.
  • Why do you call a 20-second timeout with 3 seconds left in the half? To get an open 3-point shot in the corner, that’s why. That 3 might be a killer. Jazz looked pretty down after allowing that, soured what was otherwise a pretty solid half from them. Instead of a 1-point lead, now it’s a 2-point deficit.
  • (Half) 50-52.

Halftime Notes: Not getting too into it, I jotted down some team stats and the leading scorers so here goes.

SAS shot 21/38 (55.3%) while UTA shot 20/43 (46.5%). Jazz were only 8/16 on their free throws, Spurs were 6/8. Spurs have committed 8 turnovers, Jazz have only 5.

Devin Harris leads the Jazz with 14 points, Jefferson has 11. Tim Duncan has 13 for the Spurs, followed by Parker with 11.

  • Start the 2nd half by throwing the ball into the front row of the stands. Followed by a Duncan basket. Nice start, Jazz. Sigh.
  • (3rd 5:07) 60-66. Poor stretch of basketball from Utah, shots are not falling at all. Game was tied at 60 then Jazz offense has disappeared. Back to back 3s from SAS has them up by 6.
  • (2:40) 63-70. Feels like the game is slipping away. Jazz are really struggling with their shot.
  • Jazz have shot 5/15 in the quarter, most of those baskets were early on. Spurs are only 6/19 yet it feels like more because of the 3s.
  • What an infuriating moment. Let me break this shot down for you. Stephen Jackson caught the pass, got set, checked his feet to see that he was behind the line, took the time to perfectly line up his shot, then finally shot the ball. Nothing but net. That felt like 3 full seconds. I can’t believe he was given enough time to go through an entire progression like that and that I was able to clearly see every step of it from the stands. All of this occurred with no defender anywhere near him, of course.
  • The Spurs and the Jazz both have taken the crowd out of this game, including me.
  • The Jazz go 1/2 on their free throws every time. Every. Time. They’re 10/20 for the game.
  • (End 3rd) 68-75. Where will the spark come from? The Jazz need one if they’re going to avoid 0-3. Harris has 20 Jefferson has 17, nobody else has done anything worth noting offensively. Hayward and Millsap have combined for 3/16 shooting. Making me and my nephew feel silly wearing our #24 and #20 jerseys, respectively.
  • (4th 10:40) 68-81. Spurs on a 6-0 run and the Jazz are done. We can all feel it and it seems like the players do too. There is no energy in this building. We are drained. Jazz showed some fight early but the Spurs are too good. They are a class above the Jazz and it’s painfully clear.
  • Burks hits 2/2 from the line! Wonders never cease.
  • (8:58) 74-81. As I was saying, don’t count out the Jazz yet! They still have some fight left in them. They look fully re-energized after that last timeout and put together their own 6-1 run with a lineup of Tinsley, Burks, Carroll, Favors, Kanter.
  • The crowd is back!
  • (5:31) 78-90. I am happy to admit I was wrong. It truly looked like the Jazz had checked out and the crowd was definitely out of it. We are still likely to lose this game but at least they’re going down swinging. I’m proud of them. Truly.
  • I’m a little saddened yet somewhat amused that this is the quote of the game from my nephew with 3:14 left and the score 83-94: “wake me up once we lose.”
  • The 1/2 free throw shooting is back with a vengeance. Favors did it earlier and now Harris. The slim hopes of a comeback might as well just die with this BS.
  • Well, the Jazz kept fighting, I give them credit for it. They didn’t play terribly, the Spurs are simply better.
  • (Final) 90-102.

Postgame Notes: This isn’t news but the Spurs are a superior team and they are going to win this series, likely in 4 games and if not 4, then in 5. In lieu of lengthy postgame notes, I’m going to indulge in some cross-promotion once again and ask that you read my long form recap of the game over at Purple & Blues. Since I didn’t take two sets of notes on the game, much of what I said here is over there but I did expand on a few things. At any rate, it’s starting to look like there’s only one game left of the season but hopefully the Jazz can avoid the sweep. I’m going to the game with my nephew and his whole family, will be a nice button to the season since I’ve gone with each of them individually to at least 2 games each this year. Bought the tickets this morning on FlashSeats so there are still some available. If you can, come join us at ESA one last time this season to support the team! (This message not brought to you by the Utah Jazz but an enthusiastic fan.)

Next Game: Game 4, SAS @ UTA. Monday, May 7, 6:00 PM MST.  TV:  TNT, ROOT Sports


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